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Three Documentaries


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30th Anniversary (2023)

"Our Children's Future, in our hands" certainly

has stood the test of time, 30 years on

and it's still eye opening!” 

Tyrone Jones, Director of Photography, Third Space Studios, 2023


During the early part of the 90's I produced three short documentaries that were inspired to specifically support three initiatives for the environment and the future of our children. The model is based on the documentary motivating and empowering people to link, network and get involved with supporting the associated initiative. I wrote a song for each of the initiatives at the time.

Creative Background Overview


Anatole Petrovich Kononewsky

Anatole Kononewsky





movie  genimovie

"What if... A new global option"

Initiative: Global Energy Network Institute (GENI)

This was my first short documentary, produced in 1989. It's production was initiated by Peter Meisen, the founder of Global Energy Network Institute (GENI) with the support of the Money & You graduates. It was based on a project proposed by the visionary engineer Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller.

The issues presented in the movie segments below such as: environmental pollution; climate change and greenhouse effects; poverty and lack of health-care in many countries; the enormous world energy requirements and increasing population growth are unfortunately even more relevant today In fact, it is vital they are addressed by governments for our children's future! The GENI proposal can make a viable and real contribution to the creation of peace and prosperity for everyone on the planet!


Song: "What if the World Turned Around"

Words & Music by Anatole Kononewsky

This song was written for the launch of the documentary

in 1989 at the Sydney Convention Centre, Australia.



COMMENTS (1989 to 1994)

Launched Darling Harbour Convention

Centre Sydney, Australia (1989)



"The video has become a sensational success overseas, it has made a major difference to introducing this proposal (world-wide).”

Peter Meisen, Founder/President GENI, 1991


Global Endorsements for the GENI Initiative (LINK)



“Her Majesty Queen Noor has requested me to convey Her appreciation for sending her a copy of the letter to the Prime Minister of Australia, which She read with interest, and for your commitment to humanitarian causes.”

      Private Secretary to HM Queen Noor of Jordan, 2002

"You have always been so committed to the betterment of humanity — specially children's conditions. We'll always support your work!" 

DC Cordova, CEO of Excellerated Business Schools and Money & You, 2013


"The video's success has been enormous and the project

is well on the way to being more widely recognised

by those in power who could make it a reality."

Robert Kiyosaki, International Best Selling Author





30th Anniversary

movie  OCF covermovie

"Our Children's Future, in our hands"

Initiative: “Before it's Too Late”

The “Before it's Too Late” project was implemented between 1990 and 1996. It supported many leading edge groups, in particular the Lighthouse Foundation, founded by Susan Barton AM. During that time their were many major events held in Melbourne & Sydney.

The documentary, "Our Children's Future in our Hands," was producedand was distributed to schools around Australia, including a Manual for teachers. Tthe project generated awareness through national TV, with Max Walker and Robert Kiyosaki as the Spokespersons.

The project also channelled human and material resources  to youth support groups. It created educational programs  for empowering Youth Groups including a major “Success Congress for Teens” in Sydney, which was supported by leading sports and entertainment celebrities. The legacy of the initiative lives on via our support of the great work of the Lighthouse Foundation, based in Melbourne.


Song: "I Know I Am"

Words & Music by Anatole Kononewsky

This song was composed in 1993 for the initiative. It subsequently inpsired the production of the album: "Only love matters which is part of the published Soft Diamond Light artwork production.

This production launched the Vision of Soft Diamond Light:

Ending child abuse. Creating remarkable children


Song: "See What We Can Be"

Words & Music by Anatole Kononewsky

This song was inspired by the work of Susan Barton AM, founder of

the Lighthouse Foundation. It composed for the launch

of the documentary in Melbourne.


The First Lighthouse

The "Before its Too Late" team in on the

second floor, in the middle to the right


Jerry Speiser, (the drummer from "Men at Work") helped me produce a simple home demo recording in Melbourne. It was used as a guide for the Fitzroy Community School Choir who performed the song at the launch, coordinated by Philip O’Carroll, Drusilla Hendry and Sumitra Phoenix.

Robery Kiyosaki, one of the spokesmen for the project wrote a

poem for the launch, called "Listen"


COMMENTS (1989 to 1994)

Launched Melbourne, Australia (1993)


     Max Walker           Dianne Costin           Anatole Kononewsky     Kalli Pulos


"The video is one of the most powerful tools you would

ever want to use, it touched my heart…”


Max Walker AM, Australian Cricketer and

National TV Sports commentator, 1993



"There are a lot of important issues covered in the video.Congratulations! Ann Sanders, 11AM Channel 7, National TV, 1993


“I think it’s a fantastic idea. Forming an umbrella that if people come to you, you can point them in the right direction.” Darren Hinch, Midday Channel 10, 1994


“Before it’s Too Late has my personal support. It is creating ways for all of us to give!” Max Walker, Australian Cricketer and National TV  Sports commentator, 1993


“It's people coming to you with skils to help these yound kids!” Steve Lebimann, Today, Nine Network, 1993



“Congratulations, the video is spectacular.Thank you for giving me back my childhood” Robert Kiyosaki, Author, Educator & International Speaker


“We wanted to make a difference, to stimulate discussion in all these areas about the whole future of our children.” Anatole Kononewsky,  Founder Before its Too Late, 1993


"…your video was fantastic."

Jennifer Keyte, Channel 7 News, Melbourne, 1993


“Before it’s Too Late has taken a unique all-embracing stance

in attempting to solve many issues confronting society today.”


Peter & Beverly Brock


“…there’s so much to be done, and if everyone can

all chip in a little bit we can solve a big, big problem.”

Jim Steyne, AFL Footballer, Brownlow Medallist 1991


                                                      Danny Tomkin                           Kalli Pulos

Shelley Taylor-Smith

Nine-time gold medal marathon swimming champion

Speaker at ‘Before it’s Too late’ Event


              Joseph Chilton Pearce                                                                                       Andy Walsh


“…was very impressed with your work."

Joseph Chilton Pearce

The U.S. Senate Adviser on Early Childhood Development,

U.S. Lecturer and international best-selling author, 1991


                    Kim Kiosaki             Max Walker   Lisa Kononewsky

“I have worked on some of there programs and they are doing great work.

They are focused on creating a cooperative spirit by motivating the

community, business and youth support organisations to work together

to help solve the vast array of challenges facing  our kids.”


Angry Anderson AM – Singer/Performer & Social Activist


“The ‘Before it’s Too Late’ project is important in that

it brings to our attention the problems our youth confront

today. The project also provides a vehicle whereby leaders of

the community can join in with government and community

organisations to help young people in a positive way.”


The Hon. Michael John, Minister of Community Services,

Opening Adress - Official Launch of Video (1993)








WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned that the following video may contain images and voices of deceased persons.


movie  worawamovie

"Leading the Way! A Natural Way of Learning"


Worawa Aboriginal College

This documentary was produced in 1993 for the 10th Anniversary of Worawa Aboriginal College, an initiative founded by Hyllus Maris in 1983. The founding members were all Aboriginal.

The documentary was offically launched in 1994 at Worawa by Max Walker AM

Worawa Aboriginal College provides a holistic program that develops the intellectual, social, physical, emotional and cultural wellbeing of each student through a combination of mainstream education and Aboriginal Pedagogy – ways of Being, Knowing and Doing.

"Spiritual Song of the Aborigine"


The poem “Spiritual Song of the Aborigine” was written around 1978 by the late Hyllus Maris, founder of Worawa Aboriginal College in 1983.


Original Soundtrack for Documentary

Composed by Anatole Kononewsky

Soundtrack 1

Soundtrack 2

Produced & Performed by Anatole Kononewsky and Jerry Speiser

A musical rendition of the poem was composed in honour of Hyllus Maris, based on the above soundtrack. It was composed by Anatole Kononewsky, an non-indigenous Australian while producing the documentary about the College in 1994.

A home demo recording was produced by Kevin Bennett (KB) as a gift to the family of Hyllus Maris. KB is a well-respected indigenous Singer / Songwriter - a 7 x CMAA Gold Guitar winner. The Toyota Country Music Festival Manager, Barry Harley said: “Congratulations to our 2023 Hands of Fame inductees." Kevin Bennett is known as “the singer’s singer … the songwriter’s songwriter”. He sings his life. 

"Spiritual Song of the Aborigine"

School Musical Rendition | Contempory Musical Rendition

Words by Hyllus Maris, Founder of Worawa Aboriginal

College and Music by Anatole Kononewsky.

"I have now heard the song - it is very beautiful."

Lois Peeler AM Principal, Worawa Aboriginal College, 2012

(Contact the college for more information.)







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