"Soft Diamond Light, Only love matters"

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eBOOK Part Two                         eBOOK Part One

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169 pages (Full Colour)     |      180 pages (Full Colour)



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"A very special book, just reading it is like meditation, the book is utterly fascinating and makes for a compelling read.”

Margaret Gee, Author


”...the words of the book are inspiring, affirming and full of encouragement.”

Petrea King, Founding Director and CEO, Quest for Life Foundation


“Through words and music, Anatole has created a
lush meditation on human potential.”

Nature & Health, (Australia’s best natural health magazine)


“A masterpiece...”

Belinda Wilson, Manager




Soft Diamond Light

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T A L I S M A N   O F   S P I R I T U A L   P O W E R

Emanates a Powerful Electromagnetic Field | Activates & Cleans the Inner Atmosphere



U N I V E R S A L   M A N I F E S T A T I O N   P R I N C I P L E

How the entire physical universe materializes from an inner metaphysical point of view.



E X Q U I S I T E    A R T W O R K    P R O D U C T I O N

A truly timeless one-of -a-kind piece using the highest quality materials








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